Salt (parts I & II)

by Joseph Gallo Jr.

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- Piano & Percussion were recorded live on 10/20/13 & the Bass was recorded on 12/12/13.
- Piano, Percussion and Bass were engineered and recorded by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles (Cambridge).
- Additional tracking was engineered and recorded by Joseph Gallo Jr. in 12/2013
- Mixed by Dan Beeson at Magnetic Sounds Studios (Guelph) on 01/12/14.


this modern world of state control
its faith in progress increases instability abroad
the brutality of this reality, hey, it's fine as long as i don't have to wait
in line much longer for my fix
mmm salt it does the trick
in addition to revenge, or in place of it
theories of motivation must include desire and power
survival of the fittest is overruled
will you please excuse me while i beat my little head against the wall
trying to make sense of it all...
but but i've got a duty and a loyalty to a greater good
regardless of these ventriloquist politics
that only cultivate my inner angst
and don't forget and don't forget and don't forget your words:
onwards and upwards
(take it all with a grain of salt)

[PART 2]
uh oh.
see, my once gleeful disposition has seemed to decrease
in inverse proportions to my aging, aching years
and it's largely because something f*cking smells
it's that conservative suit soaked in crude
so just let me enjoy my last cigarette
and spare me the ignorance in your attitude
see it's not what i desire
you're awfully close to my fire and if you get burned
why should i be held accountable
for a problem that was preventable?
and now it all seems unsurmountable
and all you gotta say is
take it with a grain of salt - taking my daily salt
it's not - no, it's not my fault- overdosing and self diagnosing all this salt


released January 13, 2014
- Percussion by AJ Johnson
- Double Bass by Tyler Wagler
- Piano, Organ and Vocals by Joseph Gallo Jr.

- Written by Joseph Gallo Jr. in February 2011



all rights reserved


Joseph Gallo Jr. Guelph, Ontario

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