All Heals

by Joseph Gallo Jr.

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Time Wounds All Heals
Pt 2 - All Heals

[A-Side / B-Side]

1. (3:26) The Rates
2. (3:53) The Doorbell

music written, arranged and performed by joseph gallo jr.

instrumentation was engineered/recorded by joseph gallo jr
except percussion which was engineered/recorded by dan beeson

mixed by dan beeson


released August 1, 2017

joseph gallo jr - piano / bass / drums / organ / vocals



all rights reserved


Joseph Gallo Jr. Guelph, Ontario

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Track Name: The Rates
watch it all collapse
how could you laugh?
see, i have thought this through
i'll gather my crew
and get as far away from all of you

i don't know which way i'll go
but my chances are 1 in 4
as long as i'm out the door

away from this
which guts my claims of all happiness
only observed the worst in that
now i assess this damaged market

sure the rates they all change
some fluctuate
but i assure you all my standards stay at par
from those your very far

yell back and forth
my chest is still sore
its from the day before
its hard to understand what land you rep
when you draw all your lines in shifting sands

from those spoils comes great turmoil
lying now to this semi-circle
well why and what for?
and now you've found the lord?

down deep inside is where you really collide
and if you don't mind
then it's justified
well what could you ever teach us with that attitude?

thus its urgent we all move on
though it all feels wrong
lowering my voice, not that i ever had the choice

and all of these different directions
are pulling me apart into quarterly sections
with one vacant beating heart

it's left here to create some art
Track Name: The Doorbell
curse that doorbell, another reminder
that i could lay here and willingly pass away
but in last nights dream, she said something
and though it leaves me, i know i've changed

did you hear the clock go off?
i know now that it's all i've got to prove anything to

so i'll get out of this bed - i'll try to clear this head
and remember what she said

about self pity, how it outweighs your guilt
it'll hold you down; you'll need cleaning (eventually)
you'll spend all your time waiting on mankind
to get balanced (though i'm not convinced yet)
so take what's spent as proof of your happiness
but be warned a loss of senses will occur

you never said that before - i'm gonna borrow one of yours
you wouldn't mind, would you?
hey - where are you off to?

these felines are looking at me funny and i don't know why

but i'm sure one of them can spare one of those nine lives
but its only if i swear, that i will take care of this all when its all gone

yeah but i don't know what's in store, what's all this for?
my fears are piling here and i'm afraid of death
so i better enjoy my breath while i can

even though they're all coming up short most days,
these days, most days