by Joseph Gallo Jr.

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The majority of the instrumentation and vocals were hastily recorded and rapidly mixed between the 15th and 17th of December, with some of the original piano parts recorded at random times between September and October.

Readings from 'Night' by Elie Wiesel and 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius
Film excerpts from Clerks II, The Royal Tenenbaums & The Wonder Years
as well as all real life recordings are used without any permissions.

All disc booklets are individually handmade from recycled paper, scotch tape, ink and love.

50 hard copies were made of this album, and given to various friends and family members as christmas gifts in 2006.


released December 25, 2006

All lyrics written, arranged and sung by Joseph Gallo Jr.
Co-written lyrics on songs 2,4, 8iii & 8iv were by Jorja Oke.
Additional lyrics and inspiration on songs 6ii & 15 were by Joseph Gallo.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Joseph Gallo Jr.
All songs written between March 2004 and September 2006.

Recorded with one microphone in my bedroom, in London, Ontario.



all rights reserved


Joseph Gallo Jr. Guelph, Ontario

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Track Name: Enamour Miss Pen (Ocean Garden)
"hello and welcome to the sky return"

la-la-la la-la-la-la

i'll lie face down in your ocean
drowning swiftly in slow motion
I'd walk crosstown to your garden
ring your silver bells, you could listen
cause they would tell you the truth behind this.
mary mary quite contrary
in accumulation, your something I didn't want you to be
cause it's everything to me
and you'll never know what i'd let go
for everything to do with you
pretty maids all in a row
nursery rhymes don't do me any good
but i'm happy dreaming of you

I watch you smile with him by your side
i'm by your side... I should havce been by your side
you could be my everything

"i think that if you just rearranged some things you might just end up finding yourself, or if i'm lucky enough, i'll find you."
Track Name: Can You Hear The Waves?
Let's just lay, wait for the sheets to cool down
they always start out covering us but end up protecting the ground
As we get closer, not even a whisper could squeeze itself between
We still try, intertwine and unwind at the same time.
This bed became an island - can you hear the waves?
You hear everything I don't have to say
Our own island plush with pillows and lush with love,
so healthily happy alive and glowing at your side
Early light reflecting off white linen sands at our feet,
wish there was more of me to occupy more of you.
Close your eyes, pretend we don't notice the ship that's come to take us home.
Supposedly, it will return us safely to safety,
and back to the world that we left in the first place!
Track Name: Roosevelt
After a saturday night of ditching dates, the clock turns the other way
The truth flows from her diary that no one ever knows
and no one ever knows the real reason behind it all.
You did it just to say you've done it -
don't these things mean anything?
Anymore of this and you'll be kissing your regrets away.
You'll be sending away,
you'll be packing your bags for second chances, U.S.A.
Finally the dove flies into the sea.
You were melted down, poured into four walls
one roof, one cold floor
Your only company is the life you hate living
and the person you hate being has moved in next door.
It hurts to realize how much this place shrinks the stars.
Finally the dove flies into the sea.
Track Name: The Song of the Law Against Reckless Critics
You were caught holding hands,
longful stares that say everything.
Now I don't think that love is blind -
only the people who look too hard for it will wind up empty handed.
And the seats are all sold out to your soap opera show
and you're burning for one quiet moment alone.
Eventually everything comes crashing down
And you're so lost in everyone else's problems that you can barely see your own
With sisters who determine right from wrong
When the snowflakes fall, everything will die out.
I know you love her sparkling eyes...
and she wants to touch the stars.
And you're the only one who holds the sky in the palm of your hand
And he screams "I'm in love!"
And 'god' i feel sorry for you...
cause you can never make everyone happy at the same time...
and that's why I need your advice tonight.
Oh my how the tables have turned on you,
the unsuspecting one out of this.
It's through cause we're getting too old for these childish games you play.
So give it up - cause i'm here to stay.
Track Name: Everyone Walks This Road
"It's funny thinking I could have gotten through this without a regret to drive every thought. But as each one tears away at everything around me, my backbone begins to tense as I realize I can't do a single thing. It won't stop, because there are no red lights or signs. So I'll fall to my knees in the middle of the street, blinded by your headlights shining on me, watching it accelerate and burn the ashphault with every rising mile. The others will watch from the sidewalk and just cover their eyes, but everyone walks this road I'm sure. So hit me with your best shot, cause tonight I'm not running anywhere - I'm waiting."
So we're still heading downhill - finally I feel clarity!
And you're running down the coastline, basking in my sunshine
when you're actually under the moon.
All you have to do is look to the sky and see that I'm not right for you.
I'm not the one for you.
"It's so hard to feel because I don't have any explanations for you and I'm sorry. But you know that words don't really impress me that much. Isn't it was you do that defines you? Anyways the hole that I've dug has just gotten deeper and deeper and I can't stand to see you so far above me anymore. I'm so deep that I can't see the stars or the moon, and I'm so deep that I can't see the sun or the seas. I can only see what I've left behind, for months I've only been able to look where I've been. In recollection I realize now that my love for you just sort of wilted and died, and i'm sorry. "
She says you're nineteen and it's routine being without me.
It's disheartening to know that you feel empty
Not thinking that I made a difference in your life
to your world
to this fight where one thirds are swear words
Your teary eyes have left me hypnotized...
It's hard to control when regrets get behind the wheel of all your thoughts.
Especially when they manifest themselves into an image of the most gorgeous girl you've ever known... that I've ever known.
You took me for granted, I'll just wait till you've landed
you could have been so much more...
but instead I'm putting the pedal to the floor.
So run me down you're ready. So run me down I'm ready.
I can see my reflection grow in those gorgeous eyes I fell in love with long ago.
So run me down I'm ready. So run me down you're ready.
I'll let you love me, I'll let you hate me
I'll let you do anything you want as long as I can watch you smile as I die.
But I'll still try, despite where the sparks may fly.
Track Name: There Is No Sorry
This song I wrote for you is long overdue.
Sorry girl, I never sang this sad song before
And the excuses for his absence chokes back your slap from drying his fake away.
Oh girl, can't you see through him
what he did to you
Sorry girl I thought you all knew how to see through boys lies'
Oh, I wanted to spread my wings around you.
I wanted to spread my wings around you.
Track Name: A Regrettable Anniversary
So you've tossed and turned between your sheets for weeks
Understand in retrospect, it's ironic, isn't it?
On this one year anniversary of presidents lost at sea,
it seems that everything you eat eventually turns bittersweet.
I don't mean to point these fingers, I just want everyone to be happy
like when we were still to naive to think that this would all come full circle.
We will dream of better days, times where we could sing "whoa-oh-oh"
He's my friend and I'm not prepared to turn my back on him, despite what you say.
Even though I can see the forest for the trees,
we all deserve some forgiveness.
You don't see the walks he takes or the heartbreak he's put himself through
But we all know it's probably ten times for you
and we will dream of better days where we could sing "whoa-oh-oh"
You were melted down.
You make me sick to my stomach when..
You make the same mistakes again.
Over and over and over again.
Those happy tears you introduced her to will stain the pages of your story in her diary.
Every chapter to come will have the scent of you between every line.
One of the butterflies you filled her with will always manage to rest on her windowsill,
looking in it sees a bedside portrait of possibilities.
And just like that! It's done!
You might as well have thrown it all in the trash when
you closed the door behind you to your room.
Closure in the most disgusting way possible.
Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach and came up again - just like your lies.
They'll leave a taste in my mouth
almost as bitter as I'm sure she fucking tasted that night,
but i'm not so sure it's as bitter as you.
But I shouldn't have to tell you cause you already know
cause you're so fucking smart - aren't you?
You know what you did wrong, the last thing I need to do is reiterate it to you.
But it's easier to blame the storm on a butterfly
flapping it's wings miles away from both of you.
To simplify everything in three minutes or less... it's impossible to do.
Cause life is never that easy.
Track Name: xila-phones
"what do you have to say that's so important? What can you say?"

Now's not the time to lie to you,
I've done enough of that for the both of us in the last two years
I think it's fair if I came clean
through a song you and your drunk friends could dance to
And I just got off the phone with you
and this bitter taste in my mouth is just my own medicine
that I have been feeding you all this time.
But I'll be bitter regardless of who the next one is.
So I'll admit I was told by some
that I never played this game exactly by the houses rules.
And on top of that, not every love song that I wrote
was completely based around just me and you.
It wasn't the distance it was the people!
But in a few weeks time, you'll be sipping drinks on the beach
with wide eyed high school boys who've been waiting for this day for years.
And you'll justify your intoxication and pot-smoking by
the truth you have been longing to hear from me.
So when you wake up next to your rebound man
I hope hungover guilt kicks into the highest gear.
And after you get dressed and decided that you're parched,
I hope you walk to the sink and pour yourself out
a nice tall glass of mexican water
And miles away (I will still laugh...)
cause I'm still me, and you're still you.
and we can't change who we are inside!
(....i'll still laugh) while you hug the toilet and get everything I seem to deserve.
But I wasn't the one who gave up!
Track Name: The First Night Back Home
Staring at the night sky from the roof of my car, enjoying a drink, enjoying the stars
Expecting your arrival, I knew that you lied.
I insisted that you go along with your night and I'd wait outside.
Why do you think I'm here? It's not just to see you... although i wish it were
Sure enough, I fell for the blindman's bluff
Expecting I'd come back and hold you like old times
instead you left me for dead at the foot of a mountain too high to climb.
I was drunkenly confused, he was gone without a word
I couldn't help question he/this was what you preferred.
Tears ran down your face as I stumbled around,
My once empty seat was filled, I'd already lost what I'd found.
After all the shouting as the neighbourhood watched
I was forced to choose, should I fight for you?
What would you do...
if you were forced to run away from someplace you wanted to stay?
We knew right when we crashed ,
that this winter wind would come back to blow us away.
"Growing up is never easy, you hold onto things that were and you wonder what's to come. but that night I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead at what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is we didn't have to hate each other for getting older, we just had to forgive ourselves for growing up."
I was standing in the rain for two months and twenty days
only three fingers cold: pinky, middle and thumb.
Pointing fingers never got us anywhere
lest we forget the bravest one allowed his lust to burn.
We saw this coming for miles,
but we never paid much attention anyways to our surroundings.
I wish I had happier endings...
I couldn't help see the loss in your eyes
Rain checks for sunny days, we'll see the light one dayp
we'll see the light one day...
In accumulation, you were everything I needed you to be...
but now it means nothing to me.
But you'll never know what I had to let go for everything to do with you...
pretty maids all in a row - standing next to you.
Mary mary quite contrary.
Track Name: je ferai ceci sans toi
"Night. The stars were only sparks of fire which devoured us. Should that fire die out one day, there would be nothing left in the sky but dead stars and dead eyes."

I won't let go just yet...
This marks the first time I've been happy since:
I saw you cry that night...
so i said goodbye
Track Name: of Weapons & Winners
You're off to grow up and forget all of this
While I'm stuck in this town where the leaves still litter the ground
With the same friends who don't understand
that there is so much more to life in every way, than this.
Forget 'Brand New', this could be the last song for your mix tape
I think now that it's cold outside it would have more meaning that way
So sit alone in your dorm room and unpack the boxes of the past
As much as you'd like to forget me
I know it won't last.
So let it out now, the sun has gone down
This autumn air pierces right through your lungs and into your heart.
The rain floods the streets, the wind unmasks your trees
So run to the park and walk through the sand in your bare feet
No matter where you go the same moon will stare over you.
These concrete steps are getting rather cold,
The cards you've been dealt, you'd wish you could fold and give up.
Please don't give up, not now.
And you want to take off both your shoes
Tonight's your night to break all the rules
Run to the street, stare at the sky and fall to your knees and scream:
"I'm not gonna run away from you anymore!
Bring it on! Show me what you've got.
Cause I'm stronger now, I'm stronger now, I'm stronger now!
Cause I'm waiting for your storm."
The rain pitter patters on your forehead now...
It dances over your eyes mixing in unnoticed,
And that's why all the leaves fall, eventually.